Useful Information


Visitors are obliged to leave their backpacks, luggage and any bulky items at the reception area.  The Museum holds no responsibility for valuables or fragile items deposited.

There is neither a vending machine nor a coffee shop in the Museum.

The Museum organizes thematic guided tours, which are announced through the press and social media. For other tours, you can address to licensed Tour Guides (tel. +30 210-3220090 και +30 210-3229705.


Guide and assistance dogs accompanying visitors with disabilities are welcome.

Other pets are not allowed inside the Museum.

Photography & Video

Photography and filming for personal, non commercial use is permitted in all exhibition areas of the Museum according to the terms of the Decision of the Minister of Culture and Sports no. ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΑΠΚ/ΔΙΠΚΑ/ΤΠΚΑΧΜΑΕ/356481 /254593/7509/2927/02-07-2019 (Government Gazette 2812/B/04-07-2019).

The publication of the material in print or electronic media is not allowed. The use of  flash or additional professional equipment (lighting kit and tripod) is also not allowed.

Photographs and/or video for commercial use in any part of the Museum requires  a special permit and the payment of fees to the Archaeological Resources Fund  according to the Government Gazette 3046/B/30-12-2011.

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