Information for researchers

The Epigraphic Museum aims to the promotion and expansion of  the scientific research and study of ancient Greek inscriptions, the primary sources of ancient Greek history.

 As a necessary prerequisite, the researcher must obtain a relevant permit to study, draw, photograph or publish the examined inscriptions.

Subsequently, the researchers should submit a request of access authorization for the inscriptions under question (via mail or e-mail), which should include:

  • mention to the exact content of their research in the Museum, e.g. study, drawing, photographing, publicing etc.
  • the inventory number of the ancient inscriptions  to be studied or, if this is not known, a reference to the publication of the inscription in the corpus of Inscriptiones Graecae or Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum, or other basic bibliographic reference.
  • the time frame needed for their research in the Museum.
  • attached copy of the permit to study, draw, photograph or publish that has been granted to the researcher for that specific material

However, determining the date of the study depends on the order of priority of the relevant requests and the ability of the staff to serve the researchers.

Upon arrival at the Epigraphic Museum, the researcher must show a photocopy of the relevant permit granted to him.

For the use of the photographs taken by the scholars or the photographs provided by the photographic archive of the Epigraphic Museum in scientific publications (academic journals or books), it is necessary to submit a specific application stating the exact title of the study, the publisher, the print run of the print edition or the access to the electronic edition (free or under payment).

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