Welcome to Epigraphic Museum

The Epigraphic Museum of Athens was founded in 1885 to enable the protecting, preserving, studying, and exhibiting of ancient inscriptions on stone. It houses the largest collection of ancient Greek inscriptions in the world, on which are written the primary historical sources that inform us about all aspects of the economic, political, religious and social life of Greek antiquity. The majority of these are from Athens and Attica, though there is also a considerable number from the rest of Greece and from Asia Minor. Most of the inscriptions are written in Greek, though some are in Latin and a small number in other languages (Phoenician, Hebrew, and Ottoman). They range from the 8th c. BC to the Early Christian, Byzantine and later times.

Days and Visiting Hours

Wednesday-Monday: 08.30-15.30

Tuesday: Closed

* Visitors are allowed to arrive up to 15 minutes before the end of the schedule.

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